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Salvation Ministries Church Kicks Off ‘5 NIGHTS OF GLORY’


Hey people!
Shout out to my USA readers! I’ve been meaning to do this in a while now… I just have to say this, and I’m not trying to brag about it but just to show my appreciation. Yeah, since I started this blog, I get the highest views from the USA on a daily basis; this shows that I have more readers from there.

Though I have not had personal interactions with you yet, just know that your viewership and your readership are highly appreciated by me… Thank you. I’m not in any way neglecting other readers from other parts of the world, I appreciate and love you all. Peggy thank you too, I see you!


So, the much talked about, and heavyweight program that has been making waves across the globe since December 2014 has finally kicked off in a grand style! With God setting people free from satanic bondage, drawing people to salvation, and performing great and mind-boggling miracles through His Servant David Ibiyeomie…

One of the notable miracles was:

A woman who came to the program (church) with crutches was healed, and also one of her legs that was shorter than the other grew back to normal size (I saw it live!). That was a creative miracle… No mortal man can do that except God!

They don’t take pictures in church (there’s a special team for that), if not, I would taken some of the events and shared with you.

Therefore, I’m specially inviting you to the program “5 NIGHTS OF GLORY”… Come and experience God’s Glory live @ Salvation Ministries Church or any of the Satellites, and Viewing Centers in Nigeria.

You can also worship live online at http://www.5nog.org (select Radio or TV).
Time: 4:30pm (GMT+1) daily, 19 – 23 Jan 2015


Come and experience God's Glory!

The programme will also be translated in French specially for the French speaking online worshippers.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss this program for anything else!


Graduation Sentimental Feelings

Hello beautiful people! Happy New and Unique year 2015 to you!
How has 2015 been so far, and how are you getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions? Would love to hear…



There comes a day in everyone’s life when they make the final step into becoming an adult. Many can actually relate to this… There is a lot of symbolism created in this day. A simple square cap and gown creates the illusion that all the people going through it are similar. But then you see each of their faces and the way they take that walk and everyone is different.

A few are distinguished with colored ropes hung about their neck. I find the symbolism ironic. They worked so hard to be the best, I bet sometimes they thought about hanging themselves. But they receive the ropes as kind of a reminder that they can take that noose and use it as a trophy.

Then there is the simple piece of paper that represents the accomplishments of the past 4 years of their lives. 4 years, summed up on one piece of paper in an inexpensive folder. That’s some powerful stuff right there. Then to receive it from a man/woman that you probably haven’t ever talked to or known other than they make a lot of decisions that have affected the past 4 years.

It’s sort of like shaking hands with god and the devil at the same time. God is telling you that you have achieved so much and wishing you good luck. The Devil is telling you that you have to go out and face the real world, you better not screw it up.

Then there is the simple taste of moving a tassel from one side of a hat to the other. It’s like opening a door to an entire new world. Graduation represents moving from the sheltered life of higher institution into the real world. It’s a scary move, but one that everyone has to do…


And I wouldn’t miss it for the world. God help me!


That's true...

Happy Birthday From My Celebrity Friend!

Hello and welcome to my little world! I’m really in an exciting mood. Who wouldn’t be? I had the best birthday ever!

A birthday happens once a year. Its a time to get together,when everyone is near. Birthdays can happen any month and any day. You can celebrate your birthday if you wish. You could get a big present, small present, a card or even a very special gift! …and the most amazing feeling, something you would want to hear, that is of course…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Yes, July 10 happens to be one of my special days – my birthday! I got lots and lots of greetings electronically and otherwise. In fact the birthday messages were so overwhelming to me and at the same time exciting.

Reading genuine and sincere messages from friends and family made my day extremely special. My coursemates dedicated a whole day praying and wishing me well in a Whatsapp group chat (…created by me 2yrs ago), the feeling was ‘insane’!

Guess who made my birthday extremely special…


Celebrity Rita Nzelu!

I call her big Sis. She has been in the movie industry for many years and can rightly be referred to as a veteran of Nollywood, Yes! She knows perfectly well how to deliver each role she plays. I love comedies where she is paired with Nkem Owoh.

Here’s her sweet and kind message
Sadly I’ve not seen much of her lately but I’m sure when she makes a comeback we wouldn’t be disappointed. Some of her many movies include: A cry for Help, Agaba, Angel Of Darkness, Back To Sender, Buried Alive, Christian Marriage, Crazy Millionaire, Good Mother, Long John, Master Of The Game, Pleasure Before Business, Women Affair, Ukwa, Unforgiven

Thank you big Sis! Well, I went to church of course to thank God for His wonderful works upon my life, and to celebrate with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. When I got back home, some friends were already waiting to cheer and party with me…I had mad fun! Thanks to all my friends for coming through, I love you all!

Fight In A Church: Anger Problem or Ego?

Hello and welcome to my little world!
What could possibly make some one explode with anger in the house of God? This question has kept running ‘off’ and ‘on’ my mind.

I was at a church service, and serious and heavy prayers were going on such that everyone was shouting at the top of their voices in attempt to bind and resist the devil and its devices. I happened to sit at the back as part of the Editorial Team in the church… There was a distracting scene, an usher and a member! What!

I only saw the member pushed the usher on the chest, the usher retaliated by also pushing him back, immediately they began exchanging punches. Oh, and these are married men.

Quickly, I asked myself… “In the House of God?” “the devil is really confused and is on rampage”. But then why would two grown men allow themselves to be ‘used’? Could it be anger problem or ego? All these and many questions raced through my mind in few seconds my eyes witnessed the fight. Of course I continued with my prayers, this time not allowing any form of distraction.

Thanks to some other men who rushed and put the situation under control, it didn’t escalate or draw much attention. But I know, the few who saw what seem to be like a commotion around there would be somewhat confused. Thank God they (fighters) did not start lifting chairs.

Now, I don’t seem to remember the member’s face again, and whenever I see the usher, I can’t help but to wonder… What was really the cause of their fight in the church during service?

Have you witnessed similar scene, can we share? Oh, and pls I’m counting down to my birthday July 10th. I would excited to read your good wish messages.

Excellent Customer Service In Business

Hello and welcome to my little world!

How has it been with you? I’m currently carrying out a research…details soon.

In this post, I will be sharing with you tips for uncommon business explosion. First impression in business they say matters a lot. I’ve been to many business organisations for one reason or another, and I’m really sensitive to how they treat their clients. Many business owners seem to be more interested in the profit they make from the customers, and forget to treat these customers as kings…too bad.

Business is a purposeful and profitable activity with the intent of making profit, God wants us to make profit, genuine profit making is commended by God. Isa 48:17 Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go. But there are somethings business owners overlook in business…. CUSTOMER SERVICE!

You may agree with me that most business owners do not care about the comfort of their customers. In any business, you need people (customers), if you do not care for them, you will lose them. Without customers you will not have a business, great customer service determines whether a customer will continue to do business with you or not.

Just as you want to be treated and celebrated anywhere you go, do so to your customers… Respect them.
Do everything you can to make your customers appreciated, acknowledged, and heard.

I will be sharing some vital hints for excellent customer service soon but, before then, let me hear from you: how bad or good have you been treated as a customer in any business organization?