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Are You Afraid Of Women?

Hello beautiful, and welcome to my little world! You’ll agree with me that lots of guys are afraid of women because of the fear of rejection. There is an easy way to overcome your fears and develop concrete self-control with.

At first, it might seem ridiculous to think that a man could be afraid of a woman. What in the world could a woman possibly do to hurt you? You’ve probably even said it to yourself 100 times before: “I should just go talk to her…what do I have to lose?”

Yet, men all over the world and in every culture are terrified to approach a woman they’re attracted to. In fact, many men never overcome their intimidation when it comes to approaching women, and end up unsatisfied in their relationships because of it.

Well, if you want to avoid being a part of this unfortunate group, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this…

What is it That You’re Really Afraid of?
This is a common question men ask themselves when they’re confronting their anxiety about approaching a woman or even being themselves around her. Most of the time, men make the mistake of saying: “I have nothing to be afraid of, I should just talk to her.” Ah, but if you have nothing to be afraid of you probably wouldn’t be afraid right?

So how about we take a closer look at why you’re afraid? As you probably know, most fear is rooted in uncertainty and disappears once we identify the true source of that fear…

If you want to get over your fear of women, it’s important that you acknowledge the source of their power over you. That power is their ability to either validate or invalidate your position of a man of value, and believe
it or not this is a power that you willingly hand over to them.

You see, men have a different set of fears than women do. Women are more fearful of their safety and security
being threatened or of abandonment by the person who is supposed to love and to protect them. On the other hand, men’s fears are more ego centered, such as their fears of inadequacy… that they are “not good enough.”

If you doubt this to be true, just do a little research about the connection between male suicides and financial crisis. When a man feels that he is no longer able to provide for the survival of his family, he feels worthless.

This is completely normal, and it is based on the basic human need for survival and reproduction. But the problems arise when you start to base your value as a man on whether or not a woman is interested in you. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your primal survival instincts interpret that as the woman considering you to be adequate for the sake of survival and reproduction.

Now, most men (or people for that matter) aren’t self-aware enough to realize this is actually what’s actually happening. Instead, they just chalk it up to “approach anxiety,” and try to force themselves to it by sheer willpower.

As you might have guessed, this is about as effective as hurling a water balloon at an oncoming freight train. Instead, it’s important to realize that you actually do have something to lose in being rejected by a woman and that your fear is completely rational and natural.

Once you accept this, you’ll no longer have to fight the exhausting battle of ridding yourself of this fear. Then you’ll be ready to learn how to use that fear as fuel for positive action. But first, it’s time to be honest with yourself about how much fear runs your life when it comes to interactions with women…

Some Tough Questions to Start With

Okay, I know you’re probably anxious to know how you can use this information to produce positive actions. But first, you have to be honest with yourself by assessing just what your fear is keeping you from enjoying amazing interactions with women.

Here are a few questions to start with:

What’s your initial gut reaction when you see a beautiful woman?
Most of the time, your initial gut reaction will tell you more about yourself than hours of careful self-analysis. If you are not sure about the answer to this question, make a note to pay attention to how you respond psychologically to an attractive woman.

Do you suddenly feel small, timid and inferior?
Do you find yourself immediately correcting your posture, adjusting your body language or fidgeting with your hair or clothing? Do you start getting nervous if she looks your way or if you even think about approaching her? If so, these could all be signs that you are giving her opinion far too much weight when it comes to your value as a man.

What’s your initial reaction when you sense that a woman is “rejecting” you?
In asking yourself this question, it’s important to pay attention to the word “sense.” There are hundreds of ways that you (guys) can find yourselves thinking that a woman is rejecting you when she really is not. For example, if a woman looks away suddenly when she sees you looking at her, do you take that as a rejection? What if you say hello to her and all that she does is says hello back?
Do you assume that because she gave you a one word answer that she is not interested? Or what about if you ask a woman out and she denies your first invitation? Do you get a sick feeling in your stomach as if you had just been punched in the gut by a heavyweight boxer?

In spite of the fact that this is a natural reaction, it’s important to ask yourself how sensitive they really
are to rejection from a woman. And the most important question…

What is your response when a woman “tests” or disagrees with you?
Although most men are completely unaware of it, we women sometimes throw out tests in order to determine whether or not a man is qualified to date (more on this in a later post). Your ability to pass these tests is going to be completely dependent on your ability to deal with your own fear of inadequacy.
It is also the one factor which can make or break your dating life.

How can you know if you’re in danger of “failing” these tests? You start with the above question, and be as honest as possible with yourself. When a woman disagrees with you, or starts showing disapproval for something that you like, what is your initial response? Do you feel the need to “make it right” or to convince her of your point of view? Do you feel a certain sense of fear that she will lose interest in you if you don’t agree with her or at least validate her point of view? Do you
sometimes tolerate a woman being bratty, unreasonable or even disrespectful because you are afraid that she’ll leave you or lose interest?

If so, it’s important to be honest with yourself about whether or not you are afraid of women. If so, this is nothing to be ashamed of… a lot of guys suffer from this. The thing that would be shameful is to allow yourself to stay in this position of weakness and to end
up having to settle for less in regard to your dating life.

I wish you all the best!
I’d love to read about your testimonies. Write me at

See you in the next post…


Imagine A World Without Social Media

Hello beautiful people, and welcome to my little world!
I was discussing with my friends yesterday on the forth coming general elections in Nigeria, it is not as though I’m a political analyst, but each one of us had divergent views about the leadership of this country Nigeria… One of the issues raised that struck me was that the bill for the ban on social media has been passed to the ‘house’ for second reading. Whaaaaat!

When I asked why, I got a chorus of “Do you know what people say on social media about the government?”… and I was like is it not a breach on the right to freedom of speech? I got yet another chorusing answer that people are abusing the right. Really?

Then, I began to ponder on this matter. In my thoughts, I recalled that the president (GEJ) when elected in 2011 specifically held a meeting or conference with the youths, and in that meeting he promised to constantly connect with the youths on social media… Of course, he fulfilled that promise in less than 5 months! The president is also on social media, in fact, he has a Facebook page to himself where he posts almost everyday.

Well, I seldom drop by his page just to read people’s reaction to his posts… Initially, he was receiving praise comments as through perceived ‘messiah’ to the nation; but as time went on, when things fell apart and the center couldn’t hold, would I say when the scales fell off the eyes of most persons, president GEJ’s page has been bombarded with venting comments from ‘angry youths’ youths about his style of leadership.

In my thoughts again, I began to wonder whether it was because of those ‘angry comments’ that he decided to place a ban on the use of social media… How will it play out? Will he ask all the social media bodies to delete Nigeria from their date bases? What would happen to the pictures saved-up there? What about the long distance relationship created? Oh again, how most companies survive…? How will I get people to read my blog post or will blogs also be banned? Too many questions to ask!

Mr. President, I want to use this medium to bring to your notice that this same social media have saved lives, it has been used to combat crimes, catch criminals, and so forth.
There are more important things to focus on which are the basics, and yes you promised to deliver them during your campaign in 2010. Sir, make a way to provide at least uninterrupted electrical power supply for just 24hrs for the populace…that’s one thing we yearn for. Thank you.

Now, imagine a world without social media!

MTN’s Adaptation Of The “777” Hit Song By Popular Afro Juju Artiste ~ Sina Peters

MTN’s adaptation of the “777” hit song by popular Afro Juju artiste, Sina Peters… was it meant to be a Delightful or Fraudulent Package?

A victim a retired d Air Force officer, described the development as “direct fraud and extortion.” He said despite his refusal to respond to any of the unsolicited text messages sent to his phone daily, which, he claimed, he always deleted, he was shocked to receive a message from MTN line 4100 notifying him of the deduction in respect of the phony deal. The message, he said, reads:

Y’ello, you have been charged N50.00 and your caller tunez service has been ex­tended to 2014-12-28 successfully. Reply TOP5 or #SongName to search tunez. For more info, text HELP to 4100.

He immediately sent another text in response, which reads:

Please stop this fraud. I did not subscribe to any callertunez service and you know it. Refund my credit immediately, or I will take steps to expose your fraud.

LOL…it’s an automated machine, they won’t get your reply.

The telecom company instantly replied in another message  which read:

Wrong command. Please reply help to 4100. To register reply REG. Text top5 to 4100 or dial 4100 for more tunez.

LMAO! Now, this is really annoying.

At this point, he became stuck with the payment for something he did not subscribe to after being compelled to tolerate the nuisance of all the useless text messages he did not solicit from the mobile network…

Another victim and student of a Polytechnic, described the act as cheap fraud. He said the telecommunications network deducted twice without his consent, saying:

My subscription has been renewed and therefore prolonged for another period of time. And I never requested for it. When I called the customer care the first time it happened I was told to cancel it. Yet, here I am again on the same matter. Will I cancel and then go back again, because I was told I must have requested for the caller tune again.

Well, most of these things happen a lot and it has gotten to the brim of our tolerance level!

Let’s assume that this kind of thing was done simultaneously to just one million of the teeming subscribers of MTN, then the company would have fraudulently raked in N50 million in just seconds without rendering any useful service to anyone.
My personal experiences are unaccountably annoying, I’m even sick and tired of being sick and tired… For crying out loud, how long will this continue to be!

Please this is a shout-out SOS/Memo to the National Communications Commission (NCC), to please intervene and stop this fraudulent acts of these phone service providers in Nigeria. Yes, there are many illiterate phone users who just believes that mobile phones are meant solely for the purpose of making and receiving calls… NCC please do not let these service providers in the country capitalize on this to extort money illegally from them.

Salvation Ministries Church Kicks Off ‘5 NIGHTS OF GLORY’


Hey people!
Shout out to my USA readers! I’ve been meaning to do this in a while now… I just have to say this, and I’m not trying to brag about it but just to show my appreciation. Yeah, since I started this blog, I get the highest views from the USA on a daily basis; this shows that I have more readers from there.

Though I have not had personal interactions with you yet, just know that your viewership and your readership are highly appreciated by me… Thank you. I’m not in any way neglecting other readers from other parts of the world, I appreciate and love you all. Peggy thank you too, I see you!


So, the much talked about, and heavyweight program that has been making waves across the globe since December 2014 has finally kicked off in a grand style! With God setting people free from satanic bondage, drawing people to salvation, and performing great and mind-boggling miracles through His Servant David Ibiyeomie…

One of the notable miracles was:

A woman who came to the program (church) with crutches was healed, and also one of her legs that was shorter than the other grew back to normal size (I saw it live!). That was a creative miracle… No mortal man can do that except God!

They don’t take pictures in church (there’s a special team for that), if not, I would taken some of the events and shared with you.

Therefore, I’m specially inviting you to the program “5 NIGHTS OF GLORY”… Come and experience God’s Glory live @ Salvation Ministries Church or any of the Satellites, and Viewing Centers in Nigeria.

You can also worship live online at (select Radio or TV).
Time: 4:30pm (GMT+1) daily, 19 – 23 Jan 2015


Come and experience God's Glory!

The programme will also be translated in French specially for the French speaking online worshippers.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss this program for anything else!

Influence Of Divorce On Students Performance Academically

Hello and welcome to my little world!

Many people have their reasons for opting in and out of marriage. Many have cited reasons such as incompatible, poor communication, and lack of affection as well as differences in goal setting and achievement.

Marriage they say is a beautiful thing, but when love goes sour love turns to hate; and all things fall apart therefore, the center cannot hold.
Children are gifts from God and as such are innocent of any reason cited by parents for divorce.

Dear reader, my question now is, who do you think suffers most in a broken marriage?
Please take te poll. Thanks, and feel free to leave any comments in the comment section.

Graduation Sentimental Feelings

Hello beautiful people! Happy New and Unique year 2015 to you!
How has 2015 been so far, and how are you getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions? Would love to hear…


There comes a day in everyone’s life when they make the final step into becoming an adult. Many can actually relate to this… There is a lot of symbolism created in this day. A simple square cap and gown creates the illusion that all the people going through it are similar. But then you see each of their faces and the way they take that walk and everyone is different.

A few are distinguished with colored ropes hung about their neck. I find the symbolism ironic. They worked so hard to be the best, I bet sometimes they thought about hanging themselves. But they receive the ropes as kind of a reminder that they can take that noose and use it as a trophy.

Then there is the simple piece of paper that represents the accomplishments of the past 4 years of their lives. 4 years, summed up on one piece of paper in an inexpensive folder. That’s some powerful stuff right there. Then to receive it from a man/woman that you probably haven’t ever talked to or known other than they make a lot of decisions that have affected the past 4 years.

It’s sort of like shaking hands with god and the devil at the same time. God is telling you that you have achieved so much and wishing you good luck. The Devil is telling you that you have to go out and face the real world, you better not screw it up.

Then there is the simple taste of moving a tassel from one side of a hat to the other. It’s like opening a door to an entire new world. Graduation represents moving from the sheltered life of higher institution into the real world. It’s a scary move, but one that everyone has to do…


And I wouldn’t miss it for the world. God help me!


That's true...