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Relationship Tips: How To Deal With Break-Up

Hello and welcome to my little world!
Have you ever had your heart broken?

If not, you’re either the most fortunate person on the planet or you haven’t really lived. Everyone at some point has been through a bad break up, and they can be really hard to recover from. But since you have to get on with your life and continue your search for the right woman, what can you do to make a healthy recovery from a break-up?

While it can sometimes feel like the end of the world and you might think that you’ll “never love that way again,” there is a way that you can recover and get on with your life…and sooner than you think…
Who Died?
Are you treating your break up like a mourning period for the death of someone you loved? If so, the first
thing to ask yourself is if a “mourning period,” is really the best way to recover. The majority of people spend weeks, or even months, after break ups without dating anyone or even considering a relationship at all. The problem with following this pattern is that the majority of people are not very successful in their relationships (just
look at the divorce rate or how few people are happily
So unless she died, there’s no reason to mourn. Get on with your life and get back in the game. If you’re not ready to get serious, then don’t. But you never
know what you might miss out on simply because you are waiting for the “right time,” or because you’re having
a mourning period.
You know, Martin Luther King once said “There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.” Billions of people have gone to the grave with their greatest dreams still in their imagination because they waited for the “right time.” If you spend too much time
mourning your past relationship, you might just miss out on your chances at something amazing.
But what do you do if your emotion is so bad you can’t move on?
Get Outside of Yourself
The best way to snap yourself out of emotional pain is to help someone else who is less fortunate than you are.
No, this does not mean that you have to turn into Mother Theresa or Robin Hood. But there is ALWAYS someone who is suffering more than you are and the more aware you are of their pain, the less consumed you’ll be by yours.
A break up may not be the end of the world…but it sure does feel that way and the more you sit in the dark and lick your wounds, the worse it’s going to get. If you want to get over your pain, get outside of yourself, get over yourself and you’ll find a strength
and motivation that you were completely unaware of.
This isn’t just for the sake of surviving a break up. Making a contribution to less fortunate people will help you to become more compassionate, which will make a big difference in how you relate to women.
If you’re unsure how to get started on this, start doing some searching about non-for profit organizations or homeless shelters in your area. If this is too much for you, start by finding a friend of yours that needs your help with something and offer your time to them. The personal benefit will be well worth it.
Finally, Put a High Value On Yourself
Most of the time, the pain of a break up comes from the feeling that you lost something of great value. Instead of taking on this mindset, put a
high value on yourself and tell yourself that she lost out on something great, and that some woman out there will be very lucky to have you. This alone will make the break up much less humiliating and painful.
I hope this helps if you’re in the stage of transition. Just be sure to take action with what you just learned.
Remember, it’s okay to feel like you aren’t ready to walk away from your old relationship. But when you do come back to it, do it with a clear
head, a game plan, and some dignity.


Happy Birthday From My Celebrity Friend!

Hello and welcome to my little world! I’m really in an exciting mood. Who wouldn’t be? I had the best birthday ever!

A birthday happens once a year. Its a time to get together,when everyone is near. Birthdays can happen any month and any day. You can celebrate your birthday if you wish. You could get a big present, small present, a card or even a very special gift! …and the most amazing feeling, something you would want to hear, that is of course…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Yes, July 10 happens to be one of my special days – my birthday! I got lots and lots of greetings electronically and otherwise. In fact the birthday messages were so overwhelming to me and at the same time exciting.

Reading genuine and sincere messages from friends and family made my day extremely special. My coursemates dedicated a whole day praying and wishing me well in a Whatsapp group chat (…created by me 2yrs ago), the feeling was ‘insane’!

Guess who made my birthday extremely special…


Celebrity Rita Nzelu!

I call her big Sis. She has been in the movie industry for many years and can rightly be referred to as a veteran of Nollywood, Yes! She knows perfectly well how to deliver each role she plays. I love comedies where she is paired with Nkem Owoh.

Here’s her sweet and kind message
Sadly I’ve not seen much of her lately but I’m sure when she makes a comeback we wouldn’t be disappointed. Some of her many movies include: A cry for Help, Agaba, Angel Of Darkness, Back To Sender, Buried Alive, Christian Marriage, Crazy Millionaire, Good Mother, Long John, Master Of The Game, Pleasure Before Business, Women Affair, Ukwa, Unforgiven

Thank you big Sis! Well, I went to church of course to thank God for His wonderful works upon my life, and to celebrate with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. When I got back home, some friends were already waiting to cheer and party with me…I had mad fun! Thanks to all my friends for coming through, I love you all!

Fight In A Church: Anger Problem or Ego?

Hello and welcome to my little world!
What could possibly make some one explode with anger in the house of God? This question has kept running ‘off’ and ‘on’ my mind.

I was at a church service, and serious and heavy prayers were going on such that everyone was shouting at the top of their voices in attempt to bind and resist the devil and its devices. I happened to sit at the back as part of the Editorial Team in the church… There was a distracting scene, an usher and a member! What!

I only saw the member pushed the usher on the chest, the usher retaliated by also pushing him back, immediately they began exchanging punches. Oh, and these are married men.

Quickly, I asked myself… “In the House of God?” “the devil is really confused and is on rampage”. But then why would two grown men allow themselves to be ‘used’? Could it be anger problem or ego? All these and many questions raced through my mind in few seconds my eyes witnessed the fight. Of course I continued with my prayers, this time not allowing any form of distraction.

Thanks to some other men who rushed and put the situation under control, it didn’t escalate or draw much attention. But I know, the few who saw what seem to be like a commotion around there would be somewhat confused. Thank God they (fighters) did not start lifting chairs.

Now, I don’t seem to remember the member’s face again, and whenever I see the usher, I can’t help but to wonder… What was really the cause of their fight in the church during service?

Have you witnessed similar scene, can we share? Oh, and pls I’m counting down to my birthday July 10th. I would excited to read your good wish messages.

Happy New Month of July! My Birth Month!

Hello and welcome to my little world!

Yay! It’s a new Month! Am I only excited for the new month?
Here’s wishing you my blog reader a happy new Month of July and a smooth sail through the year 2014.

I’m happy and thankful to God for seeing us through to this day despite all our shortcomings… His Grace still abounds!

Were you born in the month of July? Happy birth month to you… You know things I cherish so much about July born? I’ll tell you.
The month of July includes the Cancer/Leo people. These people are very caring towards their loved ones, fun to be with, quiet except when tensed or excited.

They have great understanding of life and observe things closely, which others tend to overlook. They put in efforts to work, and are hardworking… Their sense of organization is commendable and their work ethics can be motivational for many.

They are susceptible to mood swings and can be explosive at times. LOL… This volatile nature may at times hamper their relationships.They’re good home makers, they value friendship and feel extremely bad when they lose a friend, they always brood about the past and old friends (this, I don’t like). The list goes on and on. Oh, they are also very secretive!

I’m a proud ‘cancerian’!
Happy New Month