Graduation Sentimental Feelings

Hello beautiful people! Happy New and Unique year 2015 to you!
How has 2015 been so far, and how are you getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions? Would love to hear…


There comes a day in everyone’s life when they make the final step into becoming an adult. Many can actually relate to this… There is a lot of symbolism created in this day. A simple square cap and gown creates the illusion that all the people going through it are similar. But then you see each of their faces and the way they take that walk and everyone is different.

A few are distinguished with colored ropes hung about their neck. I find the symbolism ironic. They worked so hard to be the best, I bet sometimes they thought about hanging themselves. But they receive the ropes as kind of a reminder that they can take that noose and use it as a trophy.

Then there is the simple piece of paper that represents the accomplishments of the past 4 years of their lives. 4 years, summed up on one piece of paper in an inexpensive folder. That’s some powerful stuff right there. Then to receive it from a man/woman that you probably haven’t ever talked to or known other than they make a lot of decisions that have affected the past 4 years.

It’s sort of like shaking hands with god and the devil at the same time. God is telling you that you have achieved so much and wishing you good luck. The Devil is telling you that you have to go out and face the real world, you better not screw it up.

Then there is the simple taste of moving a tassel from one side of a hat to the other. It’s like opening a door to an entire new world. Graduation represents moving from the sheltered life of higher institution into the real world. It’s a scary move, but one that everyone has to do…


And I wouldn’t miss it for the world. God help me!


That's true...


A Huge Day Ahead – Exam Day

It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Daily Post

Omg! I’ve never felt this way in my entire history of writing examinations. What engulfed me in form of fear is what I cannot explicitly explain.

It was the end of semester Examimations on Statistics. The night before, I had prepared to the best of my ability for the exam. As the time for the exam approaches, come and see me… I was literally shaking, my stomach started to upset me, my feet became cold, palms sweating profusely…Omg!

I employed all forms of Self-talk Therapy on myself, yet it seemed as though things were getting worse. I needed to talk to my best friend who offered to drive me to the exam venue… Sincerely, I felt calmness return to my system.

I went for the exams; luckily, one thing led to the other; the lecturer came one hour behind schedule. This offered me ample time to calm down my nerves… I chit-chatted with few of my classmates then made a few revisions here and there.

At this point, I really felt good about my system, I even became calmly eager to quickly write the exam and go.
Immediately one hour after my arrival to the exam hall, the lecturer arrived with the exam materials, and quickly the exam was administered on us. Many of the questions were so cheap that I became more relaxed about the whole thing.

In less than two hours the exam was over! Praise be to God who had made all things possible for me!

Oh, and my best friend was still around to take me home after the exam… This was a surprise as I never saw it coming my way. God bless his kind heart!

My advice:

Whenever you feel tensed about any situation or you’re in a fix about anything; make sure you talk to someone who listens and really understands you…like I did. Or better still, talk to a counsellor!

How do you calm down your nerves when you are in a tensed situation? Please share it in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my post!

Been MIA: My Apologies, I’m Back, And Better!

Hello friends! How’s it been? I know I’ve been inactive in publishing new posts for a while now… My apologies.

I really have missed you guys, I must admit… I appreciate all of you who kept on sending me emails to check on me. Thank you! And those who kept reading and commenting on previous posts… Thank you. I will not also forget the new blog followers, Thank you. Barr. Frances Okoro thank you so much for your sincere love and thoughtfulness.

I must confess… People who go to university are incredible! We go to classes. We read and absorb and are comprehensively tested on heavy amounts of various materials. We sleep very little. We party too much. Someone is always sick. Someone is always complaining. We become attached to close friends. We smother each other. We lean too much. We think often of the past and want to go back. We know we cannot.

We all have separate lives, families, backgrounds and pasts. We live totally different from how we used to live. We are frustrated and sometimes want to give up… Peggy once told me that she felt like dropping out, oh I felt and thought same too, but we never stop trying. We disregard health. We eat awful foods. We are forced to think about the future. We are scared and confused. We reach out for things, yet we don’t find them. We try to sort out our minds, which are filled with studies, worries, problems, memories, emotions — powerful feelings. We wander the halls looking for happiness. We hurt…a lot.

We keep going, though, because above all else, we never stop learning, growing, changing, and most importantly dreaming. Dreams keep us going and they always will. All we can do is be thankful that we have something to hold onto, like dreams and each other.

This is for all who passed through university, and those still in it!
We rock!