Let’s Talk About Me

Hello and welcome to my little world! Thanks for stopping by, please come again. Questions about me would be answered here, after all this is the Let’s Talk About Me page.

I am consistent, reliable, thorough and persevering. I can also be socially charming. I am good at managing others at home, in my social circles and at work.

I am efficient too. I have high standards and take my duties seriously, focusing carefully on my assignments with sensible and concrete thinking.

I am somewhat traditional. I like people and I’m generally comfortable with them. I work hard to build and support my family and social networks. I am very protective of those I love [especially kids].

I respect schedules, rules and routines. Appropriate behavior is generally important to me. Yet I have a streak of the independent thinker in me. As a result, I have a good balance between conventionality and originality.

I am also a good leader. I acquire the perks and status of rank more easily than most. And I handle my possessions gracefully.

Err… Ok, I’m also on Twitter @nkykate *wink wink*


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