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Christmas Love!

Hello beautiful people!
How are you all enjoying the holiday?

I must confess, I’ve missed you so much! I missed being here. Who else have missed activities here? Go ahead, and let the Cat Out of the bag!


I love you all!


Letter to my blog...!

Thanks for stopping by.
See you in the next post!


Makeup And Your Face This Holiday Season

Hello beautiful people, compliments of the season to you and yours!
Welcome to my little world, you may agree with me that some women have a love/hate relationship with makeup. When applied correctly, it can transform your face, highlighting your best features while masking any shortcomings.

Unfortunately, it takes time to master tricky beauty products like liquid eyeliner and a full makeup routine can mean extra time in the bathroom. Yet, makeup provides an important service: improving your appearance but what do all the goops, gels, and products really do to your skin? And with so many skin types, skin conditions, and so many skin-care products touting miraculous results, how do you know which makeup is right for you this holiday season and beyond?

First, experiment; typically, makeup won’t cause a major disaster (some products can cause skin reactions, though those are rarely severe or long-lasting). If you have an adverse reaction, learn how your makeup is affecting your skin. That requires some self-education about your skin type and about the products you put on it – all things your dermatologist can help you with.

Allergic reactions to common cosmetic-product ingredients can come in two types: irritant contact dermatitis (an itching or burning reaction to a product irritating the skin), and allergic contact dermatitis (more of a “true” allergy to specific ingredients that results in swelling, itching, or blisters]. Substances, fragrances or preservatives in makeup and other skin-care products are typically the cause of adverse reactions.

Many people use makeup to cover acne and spots, but they should know that some products can actually cause pimples and other blemishes. If you are diligent about removing your makeup at the end of the day, or immediately after exercise, you are unlikely to have trouble. However, certain oils in many cosmetics can cause or worsen acne. This common type of acne, appropriately called acnecosmetica, is mild and characterised by blocked pores and reddened bumps on the chin, cheeks and forehead. Acne cosmetica occurs when oils from your makeup collect in and clog your pores, so thick liquid or cream products are often the culprits.

To reduce the risk of these reactions, become an avid reader of ingredients. Look for products that are labelled hypoallergenic (they are less likely to cause allergic reactions), noncomedogenic (less likely to block pores) and nonacnegenic (less likely to cause acne). Opt for makeup products that are fragrance- and oil-free — these ingredients are typically the most irritating to the skin.Facial masks and scrubs are effective for exfoliating and softening your skin, but most experts agree that they do little, if anything, to improve acne.

A gentle, non-abrasive cleanser that’s formulated for your skin type (oily, dry, or some combination) will do more to keep your face free of blemishes. If you develop any kind of reaction soon after you begin using a new makeup product, that is a major red flag. Stop using that particular product, and check with your dermatologist. With a good skin-care routine and quality products (remember, a little makeup usually goes a long way), you can help prevent negative reactions. Now you just need to find the extra time to apply.

Welcome To My Hood, Stranger!

Think about the town where you currently live: its local customs, traditions, and hangouts, its slang. What would be the strangest thing about this place for a first-time visitor?

I currently live in a community mostly inhabited by university students… Well, there’s nothing here that is strange under the sun. Just that there are different kinds of people found in this hood – the good, the bad, and the annoying!

The good ones are there, never been in any altercation with anyone, nice to as many as they can, and are generally at peace with people. The bad ones are there carrying out all manners of antisocial vices.

Let’s take a peep into how things are run in the hood…

Hmmm! So much to write about where I live at the moment, but it breaks my heart that I do not get feedback from you my cherished reader. Please reward my efforts by commenting, I will love to hear from you…just tell me anything; how you’re spending your day, about your dog, just anything.

Annoying set of People You will Meet At an ATM In my neighbourhood.

Being in a long queue, hoping to use an ATM can be frustrating at times. Thanks to these characters who make it annoying and even funnier.

1. The guy that counts money before leaving the ATM for others.

2. The dude that knows he does not have a penny in his account, but hopes for a miracle. After wasting everybody’s time, ’insufficient balance’ will chase him away!

3. The guy that extends the Queue just to check his balance. You will be left wondering whether he does not receive alerts.

4. The guy that acts as if the world will end today. He goes to the ATM and you think he wants to withdraw his whole life savings. At a point people will start begging him to remain some cash in the ATM.

5. The dude that quarrels with the ATM. Even though the machine is prompting him that his pin is incorrect or card has expired. You will see him complaining or screaming at the ATM…. ‘Jeez! I used this card just this morning!’

6. That man/woman that just goes there and stand for almost 20minutes… When you go closer you discover the machine asked ‘do you wish to proceed? Yes or No? And the olodo person just did not press anything.

7. The instructor. Leaves the Queue to go and instruct another on how to operate the machine so he could automatically be the next person even when he’s not the next.

Hilarious or Annoying…. Welcome to my neighbourhood!