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Salvation Ministries Church Kicks Off ‘5 NIGHTS OF GLORY’


Hey people!
Shout out to my USA readers! I’ve been meaning to do this in a while now… I just have to say this, and I’m not trying to brag about it but just to show my appreciation. Yeah, since I started this blog, I get the highest views from the USA on a daily basis; this shows that I have more readers from there.

Though I have not had personal interactions with you yet, just know that your viewership and your readership are highly appreciated by me… Thank you. I’m not in any way neglecting other readers from other parts of the world, I appreciate and love you all. Peggy thank you too, I see you!


So, the much talked about, and heavyweight program that has been making waves across the globe since December 2014 has finally kicked off in a grand style! With God setting people free from satanic bondage, drawing people to salvation, and performing great and mind-boggling miracles through His Servant David Ibiyeomie…

One of the notable miracles was:

A woman who came to the program (church) with crutches was healed, and also one of her legs that was shorter than the other grew back to normal size (I saw it live!). That was a creative miracle… No mortal man can do that except God!

They don’t take pictures in church (there’s a special team for that), if not, I would taken some of the events and shared with you.

Therefore, I’m specially inviting you to the program “5 NIGHTS OF GLORY”… Come and experience God’s Glory live @ Salvation Ministries Church or any of the Satellites, and Viewing Centers in Nigeria.

You can also worship live online at http://www.5nog.org (select Radio or TV).
Time: 4:30pm (GMT+1) daily, 19 – 23 Jan 2015


Come and experience God's Glory!

The programme will also be translated in French specially for the French speaking online worshippers.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss this program for anything else!