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Scam Business – Wrong Or Right?

Hello beautiful people, and welcome to my little world!
I was just checking out my spam box, and stumbled upon this email and was blown away at the amount of trick people employ just to milk other people’s pockets… See picture below.


This is scam! We don’t have previous contact of any kind… So, how come you are mailing me for a ‘business’ as ‘huge’ as this? Too many questions…

Many have been victims of this kind of scam, and by the time they realise anything, they’ve already been milked off millions of money. They usually call those who fall prey the ‘greedy ones’. Yes! Because they want to reap without labouring or probably think the scamming party is a novice.

Please people, be on the look out for mails as this. Try as much as possible to display them like I’m doing. I know you get emails like this most of the time.

Ok, tell me. Am I wrong or right in revealing this email?
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