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MTN’s Adaptation Of The “777” Hit Song By Popular Afro Juju Artiste ~ Sina Peters

MTN’s adaptation of the “777” hit song by popular Afro Juju artiste, Sina Peters… was it meant to be a Delightful or Fraudulent Package?

A victim a retired d Air Force officer, described the development as “direct fraud and extortion.” He said despite his refusal to respond to any of the unsolicited text messages sent to his phone daily, which, he claimed, he always deleted, he was shocked to receive a message from MTN line 4100 notifying him of the deduction in respect of the phony deal. The message, he said, reads:

Y’ello, you have been charged N50.00 and your caller tunez service has been ex­tended to 2014-12-28 successfully. Reply TOP5 or #SongName to search tunez. For more info, text HELP to 4100.

He immediately sent another text in response, which reads:

Please stop this fraud. I did not subscribe to any callertunez service and you know it. Refund my credit immediately, or I will take steps to expose your fraud.

LOL…it’s an automated machine, they won’t get your reply.

The telecom company instantly replied in another message  which read:

Wrong command. Please reply help to 4100. To register reply REG. Text top5 to 4100 or dial 4100 for more tunez.

LMAO! Now, this is really annoying.

At this point, he became stuck with the payment for something he did not subscribe to after being compelled to tolerate the nuisance of all the useless text messages he did not solicit from the mobile network…

Another victim and student of a Polytechnic, described the act as cheap fraud. He said the telecommunications network deducted twice without his consent, saying:

My subscription has been renewed and therefore prolonged for another period of time. And I never requested for it. When I called the customer care the first time it happened I was told to cancel it. Yet, here I am again on the same matter. Will I cancel and then go back again, because I was told I must have requested for the caller tune again.

Well, most of these things happen a lot and it has gotten to the brim of our tolerance level!

Let’s assume that this kind of thing was done simultaneously to just one million of the teeming subscribers of MTN, then the company would have fraudulently raked in N50 million in just seconds without rendering any useful service to anyone.
My personal experiences are unaccountably annoying, I’m even sick and tired of being sick and tired… For crying out loud, how long will this continue to be!

Please this is a shout-out SOS/Memo to the National Communications Commission (NCC), to please intervene and stop this fraudulent acts of these phone service providers in Nigeria. Yes, there are many illiterate phone users who just believes that mobile phones are meant solely for the purpose of making and receiving calls… NCC please do not let these service providers in the country capitalize on this to extort money illegally from them.