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February Is Here Already: How To Stay Positive In 2015

Hello, and welcome to my little world!
It’s a new month already! The second month in 2015 – February the month of love. How are you getting on with your 2015 resolutions? I’ll tell you mine in this post.


Here’s a charge reminder from me to you to keep you inspired this month and beyond…

How To Stay Positive, And Happy In 2015
Don’t let anyone push you around in 2015. This is your year. You are going to do great things. You’re going to stop feeling guilty. You are going to stop sacrificing your happiness and goals for others. Instead, you are going to go out and do the things you’ve always wanted to do, while your doubters sit on the sidelines and say “I can’t believe it”.


My Beautiful Positive Mind For 2015 And Beyond

If I don’t keep myself inspired, encouraged, uplifted, joyful, connected, cognizant, who will? That’s why I do what I do. I don’t want to wait for a savior; they may never come.  By the Grace of God I’m the architect of what I become in life and I know I’m deserving of great things and inspiring energy. I have my eyes planted on progression and evolution. Learn to enjoy the journey – it is exhilarating when you embrace it fully.

This is a huge motivational mindset I always carry along with me, and I encourage you to try it as well; you’ll sure feel positive and optimistic.


A call to action:
Enjoy the best this month has to offer!
Go out there, smile, laugh even at little things that may not matter, help a stranger you may never meet again, be thankful for every favour done you… Best of all pray to God always!

Now, tell me how you’re keeping up with your 2015 resolutions, are there any challenges keeping to them? Let’s share.

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