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‘Mysterious’ Rare Cloud Formation In Victoria, Australia

A Rare Fallstreak Hole Was Spotted Over Victoria, Australia, and Residents Were Stunned and Confused. When a hole opens in the sky above a town, the locals usually get a little freaked out.






A gap in the clouds known as a fallstreak hole formed early Monday afternoon in the state of Victoria, Australia, according to ABC.net. Residents posted numerous photos to their social media accounts to document the phenomenon before it faded.

A fallstreak hole is a circular or elliptical gap that can appear in high- to mid-level clouds,” said weather.com meteorologist Linda Lam. “There are water droplets in the cloud that have yet to freeze, and once they do (when ice crystals are introduced), the water droplet freezes and grows. As it grows, it begins to fall and a hole is left behind.

Some witnesses to the event had another name for the formation – many just called it a “rapture” cloud in their social media commentary.