How To Wear Michelle Obama Hair Style With Your Natural Hair

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You all know the ‘iconic’ hair style of Michelle Obama?
In this post, I will be sharing how you can style your Natural Hair into Michelle Obama’s hair without having to cut or trim your hair especially if you have a long hair like me. You don’t have to visit the salon or seek the assistance of a professional stylist with these easy steps. So, make sure you bookmark this post for future referencing.

Ready? Let’s go!

What You Need
*    Your styling comb (necessary)
*    Two small-sized hair clips (important)
*    A styling gel (optional)

Styling Procedure:
1.   Comb your hair all back. You can style the front if you wish to.
2.   Roll the tip of your hair clockwise or anti-clockwise.
3.   Then, roll the hair inwards to your hind-head as though you are using Rollers.
4.   Now, with the hair rolled to your hind-head, clip the hair to your scalp with the hair clips – one on each side (left and right side).
5.   Spray the styling gel randomly on the hair to maintain styling for a longer period.
6.   That’s it! You’ve got your Faux Bob hairs style done! Go all out and flaunt what you’ve got!


Yea...that's me!

NB: I don’t use styling gel, and the style lasts the whole day. Use what works for you!

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