Imaginary Friend – The Friend I Never Had!

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? – DailyPrompt

Imaginary friend? What’s that!

Wikipedia explains it as: a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship takes place in the imagination rather than external physical reality. Although they may seem very real to their creators, children usually understand that their imaginary friends are not real.

… and Daily Post is asking me how my imaginary friends would look like if they grew up alongside with me. Well, here’s how:-

1. They would value me
2. Would be patient with me
3. Would always pray for me
4. They would still keep in touch with me, no matter the distance, time, and cost.
5. They’d overlook my mistakes and make corrective criticisms.
6. They’d give me priority in everything including online.
7. They’d champion the announcement of my beautiful blog to they whole world.
8. They would not rely on rumours they hear about me, they’d ask me to confirm.
9. They would not be envious of my progress.
10. They’d never forget the little nice things I did for them, they’d give me shoulder to lean on when I seem weak.
11. They’d strive to keep the friendship alive.

These are the friends I wish I had… And of course, they are the friends I never had.

* I did not have imaginary friends.

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