Six People You Will Meet In A Bank

Hello beautiful people, and welcome to my little world!
This post is kind of refreshing and a sort of eye opener. You will find it revealing and at the same time entertaining… Enjoy!


1 – The Pen Borrowers:
They are always in the bank, common pen they won’t have. These people are very dangerous, once you borrow them the pen, you may find it difficult to identify them. At a bank in Nigeria, once someone tells u “may I have your pen?” Believe me bros, that’s the last time you will see that pen (except if u’re lucky).

2 – The “I’m behind you” Team:
Immediately they enter the bank, even before taking the slip (withdrawalor deposit) all they do is to know the last person and you hear them saying, I’m at your back. If care is not taken, about 8 persons can tell you “I’m behind you” then at the end of the day, they cause confusion.

3 – The No protocol team:
This kind of people don’t obey the1st come, 1st served slogan! They’re mouthed in the bank! Immediately they come in, they just walk up to the cashier or manager, he asks them to sit down & within 5mins they’ve completed their transactions while you still dey there looking like mumu for queue.(Daris God oooo)

4 – The Bank Door rejectees:
These people will always have a problem with the bank door, then you see them removing their belts, car keys, mobile phones etc and yet d machine keeps shouting “pls go back” My bros next time come to the bank naked! Biko, LOL.

5 – The slip wasters:
These kind of people can waste slip for Nigeria! To fill the withdrawal slip or deposit slip na JAMB questions, you see them cancelling, tearing, squeezing & take another one. To write common 3780 Naira in words na gobe.

6 – The people from Another Planet:
These people usually behave like them no dey this world since 2 yrs! They will always b asking for today’s date, even after telling them d correct date, they will ask someone else again. I tire for this people o.

Please which number do you fall in the above? Share with your friends to know where they fall under…


If you ain't laughing then you've not been to a bank in Nigeria

ME: I’ve been a victim of no.1 too many times…they just disappear with the pen!.

No.2 people can be very annoying…especially on ATM queue. They will just announce “I’m behind you” and rush to sit somewhere or even go out of d premises. We wey stand under sun na leather them take sew our body?

Ehen… I find myself under no.6 most of the time! I go ask and still check my phone, LOL. I’m such a perfectionist! 

©This joke was shared with an open permission to re-share


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