Featuring: Prosper 4 Group

Hello and welcome to my little world!
Featuring on this page today is PROSPER 4 GROUP.

Prosper 4 Group is a UK based social enterprise company dedicated in helping members of the marginalised community gain employment and stop from re-offending.


Founded by Michael Corrigan and Steve Newell, who met in HMP Brixton, Prosper 4 began as a project to find work for over 200 prisoners coming up to release. The name Prosper 4 reflects their desire to bring prosperity to a marginalised section of society: prisoners and ex-offenders.

Prosper 4 is now doing this on the ‘outside’, but with more socially significant results. Prosper 4 gives hope, practical guidance and jobs; and then stays in touch to help break the cycle of reoffending. They have developed relationships with over 50 employers who support ex-offenders, and are establishing a new way placing prisoners and ex-offenders into work.

Find them on Twitter @prosper4group
Visit their BLOG

Also log onto their WEBSITE for more information about them.

They hope to make the society safer for young children, women and the elderly.

Best of all, they are one of the few nominees for the LAMBETH BUSINESS AWARDS – Best Innovation category.


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