Focus On The Positive Moments Of Life… Relive Those Beautiful Moments!

Hello there, welcome to my little world.
Focus on the positive moments of life!
Relive Those Beautiful Moments.

Life is full of twists and turns. We encounter many unexpected events in our life; some of them cheerful and some of them devastating.

Some of the events are so pleasant that we cherish them for rest of our lives. They are like those beautiful flowers which we like to put in our book while turning its pages. They are like those beautiful dreams which we see with open eyes. They are like the view of a rainbow in the rainy season. They become our dearest treasure. So if we possess such a wonderful asset why not make use of it?

Why not relive those beautiful moments and let their lovely fragrance fill our dull moments? It can prove to be an amazing therapy to rejuvenate the inert period of life.

Just soak yourself, once again, in those warm memories that still make your heart skip a beat. Sit back and rest your head and play on those sequences of events which give your life a glittering touch. Visualize those pretty scenes in front of your eyes and slowly enter there to live it once again. And don’t mistake it for being nostalgic. Rather take it as a way out for busting your stress out.When your mind is over-worked and you need a little time off from all the surroundings, just step in that retro journey. Maybe it was your college time when you and your friends used to chill life so carelessly or the time when that feeling of love first stepped in your life and how you romanced life with your beloved. Perhaps it was a success on the professional frontier or it could be your marriage, or the birth of your first baby, or a reunion with an old friend. And when you think of those moments, knowing you have been part of such a wonderful and pleasant occurrence, suddenly you will feel a flow of energy in your veins.

When something terrible happens in life, it teaches us some tough lesson, making us stronger and wiser. But when something blissful happens in our life, it tells how life is full of joys, how blessed we are to be given a chance to live it. Those moments become our strength in droning times.

So take lively and colourful leaves of your own life, when passing through autumn’s period of mood.

As I write very spontaneously and without any pre-planning, I find these writings very genuine and close to everybody’s life. So I hope anybody reading this one will find him/herself relating to its message and know that in this life, which is bestowed on us to enjoy, to cherish, to love, to serve, to learn, to give and to make it worth having, they are not a lone pedestrian. We all are together on this path to celebrate life.


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