RECIPE: Abacha and Ugba (African Salad)

African Salad, also known as Abacha is one of the most popular Eastern Nigeria side dish. It is made with dried shredded cassava(Abacha) and fermented  oil bean seeds(Ugba). Here’s how I make mine…

Ingredients for Abacha (African Salad)  
– 300g Abacha (dried shredded cassava)  
*100g Ugba(Ukpaka), sliced  
*250ml Palm Oil  
*4 big Garden Eggs
*1 tablespoonful finely chopped Garden Egg leaves (You can use thinly sliced utazi leaves or spinach leaves as an alternative)  
*2 tablespoonful ground Crayfish  
*Kpomo or Kanda (cow skin) optional
*Fried Fish(preferably Mackerel/Titus Fish) optional
*1 teaspoon ground ehuru (calabash nutmeg)..optional  
*1 teaspoon ground iru /Ogiri .. optional  
*1 level teaspoon Potash(akawu)  
*1 stock cube/stock powder   
*2 small onion bulbs   
*Chili Pepper to taste  
*Salt to taste   


African Salad Ingredients



Directions for Preparing Abacha and Ugba (African Salad) 
** First wash, Season and cook the kpomo(slice the kpomo into tiny bits) and the stockfish. Cut the fresh fish into rounds and Fry. Then set all aside

**Dissolve the akaun (potash) in little water and pass through a sieve to remove particles.Set the liquid aside for later use.

**Rinse the Ugba in lukewarm water ,drain and set aside.

** Next, place the abacha in a bowl and soak in cold water for about 8 minutes. Put some water to boil, until very hot.Then pour  the abacha into a sieve and drain out the water.

**Place the Abacha back into the bowl and pour the boiling water on it, stir a little and quickly, pour the Abacha into the sieve again, and set aside until the water is properly drained.

**Slice one onion bulb into rings, and dice the other onion bulb.

Now for the preparation ….

** Pour the palm oil into a clean dry pot , add the potash water and mix until the color begins to turn yellow and the mixture becomes a thick paste.

*Add  the crayfish, pepper,diced onions, ground ehuru(calabash nutmeg), ogiri and stock powder, mix thoroughly   

* Next, add the ugba(ukpaka), chopped egg plant or garden eggs, the cooked stockfish and the kpomo. Mix well until all the ingredients are well blended.

*Finally, add the drained Abacha and salt to taste . Mix thoroughly.

*Place on low heat , until warm. Add the sliced garden egg leaves, stir well and transfer to a serving plate.

*Garnish  the prepared Abacha (african salad), with the onion rings and fried  fresh fish…Enjoy!  


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