Abducted Chibok Girls, How Far?

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Woke up this rainy morning, still lying on my bed facing up… I started to wonder: what would life possibly be like for those abducted Chibok school girls in Nigeria’, so I picked up my phone, with a sober heart I started typing out my thoughts mixed with my feelings.

When I was a teenager (even now that I’ve grown into a woman), I so much love cuddling up with my mother especially when it is raining and cold. Now I’m living alone away from my mother, I always wish she was around me to cook for me, wash my cloths, and do some chores for me whenever I’m tired… What about these girls that have been forcefully deprived of their mothers’ love, care, and affection? I can imagine what those abducted Chibok girls could be going through, my sincere prayer is that God should continue protecting them until they are finally released unharmed.

Before now, the sad news of the abducted Chibok school girls really demoralized and weighed me down. It seems I’m beginning to get over it (likewise many others) until this cold rainy morning that it hit me, then I realized that some girls are somewhere at this moment going through something nobody could ever explain.

It is over two months now, yet no positive news about them being released. Everybody seems to have been quiet about this since the #BringBackOurGirls campaign has done enough to force the Nigerian government to ask for foreign assistance in bringing back the girls.

Yes, US President Barack Obama responded swiftly, and in less than 72hrs the US Marines are in Nigeria (at least it was all over, in the news). The question now is, have they gone back home or are still gathering intelligence reports? I’m calling on all and sundry to please pray that God should help Nigeria in the fight against terrorism.


4 thoughts on “Abducted Chibok Girls, How Far?

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